is the revolutionary local marketing system
which allows companies to communicate directly and effectively with the target
and guarantees total control of its advertising campaigns.

The system involves and offers benefits to three different figures:

– owners/managers of commercial businesses (bars, shops, premises, etc.)

– customers of commercial businesses (consumer)

– advertisers.

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TAGFOR is the innovative solution to a common problem among companies: how can I communicate and secure the loyalty of my local target in a direct, effective and engaging way, and at the same time how can I monitor and analyse the results obtained from the advertising investment?


TAGFOR meets this need by combining in one system:
– a technological platform to spread advertising messages to a local target and monitor in real time the effectiveness of campaigns;
– a new way of communicating with people creating participation and engagement;
– an effective customer loyalty tool.

A win/win/win system in which all parties involved obtain benefits!

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